Sunrise Smart Banking

How easy your life would be when you can bank without going to your bank. Make enquiries for your bank balance, or transfer funds to any accounts; pay your utility bills, recharge your mobile phones and much more just by a click from your Mobile Phone.

Sunrise Bank presents M-Banking to our valued Customers. Please download the M-Banking App for FREE to enjoy the benefit of M-Banking services.

You are kindly requested to contact your branch for registration:

To download the App from mobile, please visit

To download from computer, please visit
The apps are available for Java supported phones, Android Phones, Blackberry Phones, Windows Phones and IOS.

Please download App for IOS from App Store.

App not supported in your Phone? No problem, just send text messages from any mobile phones to 6556 to enjoy all M-Banking services.

NOTE: Mobile App. is mandatory for Fund Transfer facility

SMS Syntax

  • For Balance Enquiry 
    • <PIN> <Space> BE
  •  For last three transactions
    • <PIN> <Space> LT
  • For NTC Bill Payment
    •  <PIN><Space>PAY<Space>NTPP<Space>1000<Space><Mobile No.>(for Postpaid mobile)
    • <PIN><Space>PAY<Space>NTLL<Space>500<Space><Landline No.>(for PSTN/Landline)
    •  <PIN><Space>PAY<Space>ADSL<Space>1017<Space><ADSL User Id.><Space><Phone No.>(for ADSL)
  • For NTC Prepaid/Postpaid Topup
    • <PIN> <Space> PAY <Space>MTOP<Space><Amount> <Space><Mobile No.> 
  • For NTC Adsl Topup (500 and 1000)
    • <PIN> <Space> PAY <Space>NTADS<Space><Amount><Space><Adsl Landline number>
  • For Ncell Topup
    • <PIN> <Space> PAY <Space>NCPP<Space><Amount> <Space><Mobile No.>
  • For NTC Landline Topup
    • <PIN> <Space> PAY <Space>NTPST<Space><Amount> <Space><Landline number>
  • For NTC Prepaid Recharge
    • <PIN> <Space> RC NG100       (for Rs. 100 for GSM Prepaid Mobile)
    • <PIN> <Space> RC NG200       (for Rs. 200 for GSM Prepaid Mobile)
    • <PIN> <Space> RC NG500       (for Rs. 500 for GSM Prepaid Mobile)
    • <PIN> <Space> RC NG1000     (for Rs. 1000 for GSM Prepaid Mobile)
    • <PIN> <Space> RC NC200       (for Rs. 200 for CDMA Prepaid Mobile)
    • <PIN> <Space> RC NC500       (for Rs. 500 for CDMA Prepaid Mobile)
    • <PIN> <Space> RC NC1000     (for Rs. 1000 for CDMA Prepaid Mobile) 
 For more details on SMS Syntax, Please click here.

Smart Banking Transaction Limit

  • Per Transaction Limit:  NPR. 10,000.00
  • Per Day Limit:  NPR. 50,000.00
  • Per Day Transaction Count Limit: 5

Smart Banking Registration Charge

  • ​Rs. 250 per account per year.

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